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Colección Neoteric de Boris the Cuttery

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Portada semanal #049

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Peluquer@.Tiffany Decaux @ Boris the Cuttery


Maquillaje.Kylie O’Toole

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Fotógrafo.Andrew O’Toole

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There used to be a day when there was only one acceptable look in which to be fashionable. Those days are gone, and Tiffany Decaux’s collection Neoteric celebrates the diversity in fashion movements, and embracing an eclectic nature in threading two different styles together to make a new whole.

In her design Tiffany wanted to reflect the ideas of rawness and emotion, each powerful and striking when encountered and leaving a strong impression long after it’s gone.

For emotion, Tiffany turned to the new movement in handcraft, and was drawn to hair tapestry, which involves weaving thread through hair in strong colourful patterns and geometric designs, rapidly becoming popular at music festivals. It started at Boris the Cuttery, where Tiffany and Damien Rinaldo wanted to create a style that used different mediums to introduce other textures into hairstyling. This led them back to the Stone Age, where hair was used as fabric, but they turned the tables, and instead used thread in hair.

“Jumbo hair is full of static, so it’s tricky to work with. I used an embroidery hoop to get it the way I wanted,” Tiffany said.

Tiffany even consulted her mother, a long-time expert on all things creative, on knots and sewing techniques.

“My mum was a quilter, and I grew up watching her make all these things. She inspired me to get in there and create.”

For rawness, she drew on the Barber movement, with its strong cuts, undercuts and aggressive feel that asserts its dominance, and yet, at the same time, Tiffany wanted to keep her models feminine, as not to lose that identity completely in the masculine-styled movement. With each model she altered the design to suit their personality, their face shape, head size and hair texture. Then the makeup was kept natural to enhance the inherent individuality of the models’ faces.

“These days it’s about being yourself more than wearing an ‘in’ look that most people conform to.”

With this in mind, Tiffany introduced a sense of elegance and a girly, playful feel, and ended up with a sassy look, that complements both the grace and strength present in any personality.

Connecting together all of her models is a dramatic mood that she reinforced with the decision to shoot in black and white, like the romantic and epic films in the Golden Age of Hollywood.


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