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When Michael Piastrino and Adrian Rotolo thought of their next photographic creative collaboration, one word kept coming up in conversation – family.

‘Famiglia’ showcases cuts and colours inspired by childhood memories, recollections of family gatherings and particular items associated with growing up.

Deep orange hues elicit memories of Nonna’s backyard orange tree, striking blues and silvers are reminiscent of Nonna’s teacups, matte purple shades reflect colours from tablecloths at Sunday family lunches.

Michael used dry cutting to create the desired styles, as he wanted to feel the hair in its natural state and the subsequent movement. Adrian created the stunning colours, using a combination of freehand painting, foiling, and cleansing the hair to be able to colour the hair and achieve the desired dramatic and striking colour palette. Each ‘Famiglia’ image represents one thing – family and memories important to the duo proving that inspiration can be derived from any moment in time, item or a memory of a happening or something previously created.

Credits: Hair: Michael Piastrino Colour: Adrian Rotolo Photography: Andrew O’Toole Makeup: Kylie O'Toole Styling: Elaine Marshall

By Ibiza Hair

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